Labor day

I’m looking forward to spending some quality time today… so far, so good. It’s going to get better, too, I’m sure.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on TV last night.. I haven’t seen it in ages, and forgot how fun it was, though I think Benny Hill was underused.

Red-Haired Barbarians: The Dutch and other foreigners in Nagasaki and Yokohama, 1800-1865 40 Japanese prints from the NEHA collection.

Who was Aunt Jemima? (via art for housewives)

Fart costs bank 100,000 dollars
A fart was the start of a staff conflict that ended up costing the Swedish national bank NOK 760,000 (USD 100,000) in compensation.

According to computer technician Göran Andervass, 44, a colleague visited his office and let out a big, stinky fart, Aftonbladet reports.

Andervass thought the incident was provoking and shouted at his colleague.

After the fart and the following shouting, Andervass and his colleague were called in to a meeting with their boss in the national bank.

“The boss wanted to know why I had been shouting at my colleague. I explained what it was all about, but my colleague would neither admit nor confirm that he had farted”, Andervass told Aftonbladet.

The incident was the beginning of a serious conflict, a long sick notice and exclusion from the office.

Göran Andervass was fired from his job on 20 December 2001. According to the human resource department in the bank, the reason was “personal issues”.

The bank thinks Andervass was away sick a lot of the time and that he was not following the rehabilitation plan presented to him by a doctor and the social security office. According to Andervass, there was no such rehabilitation plan.

Göran Andervass sued the national bank, and the court sentenced the bank to pay him NOK 760,000 compensation.

from pilarcruz:

1 MINUTE AGO: cleaned out Newt’s litter
1 DAY AGO: Went Grocery shopping
1 WEEK AGO: started at acim
1 YEAR AGO: played heroclix with Dave,

I HURT: my toe last night (fine now)
I LOVE: sleeping in with the rain falling and Newt by my neck.
I HATE: that my brother is in his current situation
I FEAR: that it he may be that way for the rest of his life
I HOPE: that all those dear to me are prosperous and healthy
I FEEL: good about my new gig
I LISTEN: to my head, heart, and gut. I admit that gut seems to get priority too often.
I HIDE: my hand under a blanket to put Newt into Stalk-mode
I DRIVE: a pair of black sneakers, and a mean internet browser
I PLAY: paper wad fetch, twenty questions, orisinal games
I MISS: playing champions, and the sort of “weekly community
I’VE LEARNED: that people are fascinating, complex things, even the most seemingly bland ones.
I KNOW: that there are very few things that are “black or white”, though some people believe otherwise
I WAIT: patiently, as long as I have something to read, or some way to distract myself.
I NEED: to learn new things regularly.
I THINK: old books, monkeys, giant squid, ancient civilizations and common beliefs around the world are very nifty.

Current Clothes: Boxers marked “Handle with care”
Current Mood: pretty good
Current Music: thunder and rain outside, Zwan in here
Current Hair: Long, Brown, hanging down… “Fabio mode”
Current Annoyance: Nothing’s really annoying me right now.
Current Smell: rain, sandalwood
Current thing I should be Doing: it’s a holiday. I’m doing what I should be… lazing around.
Current Desktop Picture: nifty burgundy & silver “Celtic meets Persian” pseudo fabric with knotwork.
Current Favorite bands/singers: Zwan is a new fave, but I like a lot of music.
Current Book: Champions – Aaron Allston
Current Movie In VCR/DVD: had to look… Young Frankenstein.
Current Refreshment: ice cold water
Current Worry: see fear, above
Random fact of the moment: My least favorite slang term for breasts is “cans”.


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