Goofing around and made a new Icon… We’ll see how long I keep it. I had a lot of trouble resting last night. I couldn’t think straight and was generally anxious. I wish that I had been able to focus rather than just sit and stress. Ah well, today is a new day, and hopefully a better vibe will come.

Talked to Danny last night, and he didn’t get me the Playboy, so I called the magazine up today, and they cancelled the subscription. Apparently it was an unpaid one and they don’t keep phone numbers on file, so if the person made a mistake in writing out the address they’re out of luck. I wonder if it was some sort of prank? If so, a free issue of playboy is a pretty good one! Apparently, they were going to bill the person here.

The Thorns is a new group comprised of Pete Droge, Shawn Mullins, and Matthew Sweet. They’re making music with a focus on vocal harmony that brings back memories of Crosby, Stills, and Nash (some say The Beach Boys, but I don’t feel the “surf vibe”.) Give their song No Blue Sky a listen – it’s one of my current favorites. (the lyrics) You can read this article if you want to know more about the band.

For folks that are too lazy to make hot dogs octopi-style on your own. I first learned about Octodogs in the Tick comic. Be sure and read “So How does it work?” $16.95? (or $23 with S&H) Simpler to cut the bottom twice, and poke eyes with a toothpick.

A wonderful Retrocrush look at King Kong, and his 60th birthday.

I still can’t believe how much trouble it is finding a DVD version. I’d love to get that as a present for myself. (or put it on my wish list.) Something in copyright allows for UK, but not USA?

Random Scotto factoid – I’ve never had a black eye, but have probably received a couple dozen bloody noses. (it’s never been broken)

Great King Kong site

The Illustrated Catalog of ACME products. Compiler, I salute you!

Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 is out, and it fixes a ton of bugs Imagine that.

Danny just called, and we’re going to have an impromptu lunch together. …Until later, dear journal.

Newtie helps with my insomnia.

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