This is pure, bottled genius. I’d love to create a LJ that’s written entirely by a program that goes to this site every 2-5 days, captures the output, and posts it as an entry.

Even more ambitious: Write another part of the program that generates and posts ambiguous, ELIZA-like responses to 1 out of every 10 or so user comments. How long before someone caught on, d’you think?

Redefining the Term “Blustery Day”… The next time you’re feeling hot & oh bothered, why not whip out a Winnie the Pooh vibrator?

There’s about a million honey jokes I could make right about now, but I’ll refrain.

Sing ho for the life of a bear!

In unrelated news, I’ve found the perfect setting on my toaster oven for toast. Perfect toast. Oh, how I’ve missed it!

Back From Physical Therapy.

My guy is ok, not as amazing as the last one I had, years ago. The workout is much the same, traction went surprisingly well, and getting into position for the TENS / Heat therapy was surprisingly difficult. I left feeling worse than when I entered, but I think it’s a pain of the “good” variety. I’ve got a worksheet of eight different routines to do twice a day… the bridge is the most problematic, but I think that strength will be built up pretty rapidly there.

All in all, it took about an hour and a half… I’ll be repeating the procedure on Thursday and Monday.

I have the xml automation about in place… a few bits of sample data to test for extra weirdness, and I think we’ll be ready to rock and roll.

Newt’s such a mamma’s boy… I leave the apartment for 2 hours, and he’s mister hello when I get back… I suspect part of it is the smells of the outside world, too.

There are 10 types of people – those who understand binary, and those who don’t.

OK, so it might be right up there with cold fusion and other technological flimflams . . . but it might not.

In this Discover magazine article, scientists (and more importantly, businessmen) believe they can turn just about anything — waste from poultry processing plants, manure, plastic bottles, old computers, garbage, you name it — into fuel oil, and do it cheaply. Read the article and decide for yourself.

Update: The article discusses a full-scale plant in Carthage which was to be running by the end of April. A spokesman for the company now says “The Carthage plant will be fully operational later this spring, by end of June we hope.”

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