Interesting discussion with Kev and the Finn tonight for about an hour. A fairly varied political spectrum. Kev’s primarily conservative, Finn’s a Left-leaning Centrist, and I’m more of a Moderate (depending on which topic you ask me about.)

Discussion covered presidents, Korea (N&S), China, India, Iraq, and the news media in general. I feel that Kev is weighted toward the “Fox News” perspectives, and Finn forms very strong opinions before evaluating the situation for more than a little while. I feel that I may do too much research before forming an opinion.

We were at an impasse, when the Finn didn’t want to “agree to disagree” when I decided to impugn her beliefs regarding people’s desire to be educated. I feel that most people *don’t* want to do any hard stuff. The preference lies with Ricki Lake or other fluff TV… very few people want to educate themselves about history, or the world around them, unless it’s presented in an entertaining way. You can teach folks with sex, gore, humor and melodrama… but dry facts appeal to precious few. The trick lies in getting the mix right.

Both of them disagree with me regarding what it is to have truly free speech… though I agree with the idea that there should be accountability for what folks say in a public forum, I’m of the belief that if you don’t like what’s on television…you can turn it off. If you don’t like it, turn the channel. If you really don’t like it, don’t buy products advertised on the show being broadcast.

I like the idea of a Jeffersonian Democracy. “The government governs best which governs least” I hold a strong belief in a free press, freedom of religion and speech.

Kev likes speech control (via limiting celebrities being able to buy TV time, and editorialize at whim), is against gun control. He finds Iraq a more immediate threat than North Korea. He truly is concerned about how China will react if/when the USA starts getting tough with Korea.

Finn’s also in favor of censoring people’s opinions.

Bleh, tired of writing about this. Too rambly. I’ll come back to it later.

Nighty night, dear journal.

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