Slow day… taking it easy. Scritching his chin to bib, Newt’s deep, nearly subsonic-purrs are making me drowsy…thinking about her eyes… mirroring her inner beauty. *Smitten*

I’m disappointed that there’s no mail delivery today. I’m expecting a few things and can hardly wait for them to arrive.

Calling the doc tomorrow at 9am sharp to find out what the story is…I’d like a solid solution quickly, now that there are some possibilities open.

Mild peeve: Once Danny gets an idea into his head of how or why something works, it can be very difficult to get him to take another point of view and accept it. I think he resigns himself to some situations too quickly, rather than taking an extra step or two to make life a little nicer in the long run. That, and there are some things that he just doesn’t want to think about. I don’t know how that particular mindset works…If I have a question or a fear about something, I confront it, and dig until I get a halfway decent answer, even if the answer is “to the best of our knowledge, that answer is unknown”. I hate to say it, but he’s far more fatalistic than I am, though I can be much more of a cynic and sophist when the crankiness takes me over.

Tomorrow’s Danny’s Birthday… he’s turning 41. Time to finally hook him up with a DVD player. Maybe burn him a couple VCDs to go with for later, too. (get him hooked on invader zim or sponge bob) That tells me that my birthday is in a month. I’ve not gotten myself a special treat for Christmas this year, so perhaps I can double up and do an extra special something for the B-day. I’ve got a few things that I’d like to pick up… A Bed in a Bag, pair of birks, and bring in some new clothes. Not sure what toys I’ll grab… Sappho and Riker’s remote control cars (not the super tiny ones, about the size of a bar and a half of soap.) Maybe set up a lindows box on the wireless network to act as the web server from home. It depends on what static addys cost these days.

I finished the Barnum book… starting with The Agony and the Ecstasy – about Michelangelo…it’s a “biographical-novel” rather than a “pure biography” as I thought. I picked the book up months ago, and am just getting around to reading it. It’s gotten good reviews, and the deMedicis are a fascination group of folks to read about.

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Happy Newt Year!

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