Fisto’s Forest Critique. Ouch…He-Man flashbacks. *shudder*

Woodlands and Mist reminds me of a quote…that, and there was a mild haze this morn.

The fog comes
on little cat feet.

-Carl Sandburg

I’ve not wandered through a thick fog in ages. I have a fond memory of sneaking out at just before sunrise with my brother to a nearby wooded area… the rough surrounding a golf course. The fog was incredibly thick… not even remotely like pea soup, but solid enough that outside of six feet it was impossible to perceive any detail at all. Just a slight trail on the ground, and trees seemed to magically appear as we kept wandering on. It was so quiet… I think that our steps crunching on pine needles were by far the loudest things in the region. We got the tar jolted from us when a smallish animal darted from the underbrush, shot past, into our field of vision, and was lost again into the mists. An hour went by, and the fog slowly melted… our sphere of vision broadened until only little smoky wisps were sticking to the bushes, branches, and over the surface of the canal. We walked home, and talked about it for most of the day… and we still bring it up from time to time. We didn’t say a word on our walk, and it was one of the more memorable times we spent together. Not bad for a totally unplanned expedition of only about three miles or so from home. It was so fun to watch the world grow more obscured as we entered the woods, and see mist just hang in the air… as we walked through, water clung onto our eyebrows like dew on morning grass. Walking through, you can feel the droplets breathing coolly against your skin. My sweetheart took a picture of her backyard a while back, fog surrounding the trees in the back yard. I look forward to walking with her in that environment sometime… perhaps with a thermos of hot coffee and a place to hang a hammock. It’d be nice to lounge together in the wilderness, cocooned in our own private atmosphere.

Work tomorrow…I have to get back on the sample project and the custom form database for Lourdes. This weekend has seemed both eternal and brief. Strange time dilation. Will I have to learn about Gecko and Apple’s new browser?

Kellogg’s Smart Start is quite tasty, but is surprisingly weak on the box graphics. The front is ok, but the back and lefthand panel are weirdly sparse of information. Lots of white space. I’m looking at the side of the box now, and am amazed… There’s more sugar per serving than Lucky Charms! Gah! This is supposed to be healthy? It’s officially downgraded to sweet snack status.

Compare – Smart Start – 15 to Marshmallow Froot loops – 16