Anál nathrach, orth’ bháis’s bethad, do chél dénmha

I have made a note to myself the tomorrow is laundry day (morning) and I must take care of the rest of any prezzies that go into the mail (right after laundry, to be completed as soon as possible). I’m sitting on the fence over whether to get up and make myself a sandwich for lunch, or just skipping it because I’m feeling *that* lazy, and comfortable in my chair. I’m hungry enough, but sloth usually beats out my gluttony.

However, if Newt Merred for his food bowl to be refilled, or my sweetheart wanted me to make her some lunch (or even make a run to the drugstore) I’d be on it like white on rice. I prefer making loved ones happy and comfortable far above and beyond my own comfort. In fact, I get greater comfort doing services for them, I think.

I just realized that I forgot a banana at work. I wonder if it’ll keep until Monday?

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