Neat. Quiet American, a site dedicated to field recordings from around the world.

A place you can just go, and listen. 60 second vacations. (from this MEfi thread)

I want to mirror the whole site onto a CD.

Magnetic Babies!! – They pulled “Pregnant Barbie” off the shelves. The pregnant Midge wears a wedding ring and comes with doll-sized crib, cradle, changing table, baby toys and a baby monitor. The husband and son are sold separately.

That’s a bummer… I’d like kids to have mommy dolls, if they want ’em.

I’ve not heard or seen hide nor hair of Sappho this week… I wonder how she’s hanging in there? I know Kev and Island boy are doing reasonably well.

I’m craving salty snacks, and relaxing on the laptop.

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