My Brother found a stray black cat (with slight red/brown highlights) at the 7-11… no collar or tag. There’s now a found notice at the store, and the bro gave kitty a bath and a can of tuna. (I wouldn’t let her near newt.. I don’t want a repeat of what happened with Fritz a couple of years back. She can talk to Newt through the window until she gets a checkup. She’s *very* affectionate with my brother. Why not? He’s a doll, and fed her a whole can of tuna… she got a little bowl of Newt-kibs now too. Wolfed them down like there was no tomorrow. He’s becoming very attached already… wants me to post a poll with ideas what to name her. Sure, I can do that.

Found Kitty. I'm guessing she's about a year old.
The Bro and The Cat

There’s a Comet coming, visible to the naked eye! Naked-eye Comet for the New Year Two amateur astronomers have discovered a comet that should brighten over the next few weeks.

Great Character Actors this sort of reference is useful to me It’s nice to put a name and a bio tot he face you’ve seen a thousand times in assorted movies. When used in conjunction with imdb, it’s quite handy.

Poor Man’s Megalomaniacal Super-Villain World Domination Video Wall A clever way to use Windows Active Desktop feature, along with web cams and other pushed feeds, to make a really cool real-time desktop.

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