A tiny, whispering Scotto-head.I slept deeply last night, but I did wake up once or twice. It got pretty chilly… dropped to about 46F. (May not seem cold to some, but when I hit the sack, it was 10 degrees warmer.) Dreams of snuggling with my beloved made it feel warmer than it was. I woke up briefly at about four this morning with Newt under the covers with me. When I first fell asleep, He was snoozing stretched out along my left leg. It looks like it’ll be much the same tonight. He didn’t pitty-pat me awake… so he must’ve been very comfy. We played twist-tie fetch for about 30 minutes this morning and maybe another fifteen of “wrestle the hand”. He’s relaxing on the South ledge now, soaking up some sunbeams, and watching the world outside. I’m fresh from a hot shower and shave, and I’m feeling pretty good, considering that it’s a Monday, and there’s no new Strongbad yet. Ah well… off to work with me. Got to pay the bills!

Where *is* the new Strongbad? There should be one here. Oh well.. you can click on his icon to check out the archives.
Click the picture to read Strongbad's email.


Looks good… taken from here

Nice collection of gender-reassignment-via-Photoshop of various celebrities. (No Relation to Strongbad, above.)

A lovely game called snowrush. find prezzies in the snow!

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