I’m digging the mailman, today. Today, I got a wonderfully moist, delicious batch of cookie-bars won from the Sopranos “who’s gonna get whacked” test, and spiffy-keen fridge marble-magnets from zoe! The card that came with it is mighty nifty, and her mail-tag has the coolest Paul Reubens logo on it. 🙂 The Bars get thumbs up from the bro as well.

For some reason, ol’ chillcam is misbehaving again. dagnabbit!

A year ago… I got spooked, prep for bear vs. man-armor, Mexican vanilla, KPMG sucks, and police mug shots of a prostitute/junkie over a decade.

Two years ago… Globetrotters (Afro of holding), Myths of pearl harbor, , Sigmund and the sea monster, chaos postcards, two anonymous quotes that are outstandingly accurate in my belief.

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