Sakes, is it Pearl Harbor Day, already? Hey, no hard feelings.

Kev loaned me Alien vs. Predator 2… pretty neat, but tough. It’s fun and challenging to play the face hugger.

I was cruising (I think it’s almost as good a reference as the CDC, though in a different capacity) and found an article that grabbed my attention. Bushmeat is the euphemism used in English-speaking Africa for meat derived from wildlife. (Some sites prefer to use it for meat derived from primates.) The people on Promedmail are interested in bushmeat because it has been recognized as a definite means of human infection with zoonoses. Bushmeat is one of the conjectured routes for human infection with Simian Immuno-deficiency Virus (SIV), leading to the development of HIV. Recent reports also suggest that Ebola virus may make the jump to humans through bushmeat.

The maps of west nile virus outbreaks are interesting reading, too. (More maps of assorted plagues here, but you have to cut and pate the links…the HTML is broken.. they have anthrax, influenza, and assorted animal diseases)

1911 Encyclopedia Britannica online. interesting, but not fascinating.

Time for chores, I suppose… Hmmm… Maybe a nap. (Only a little sleep last night.)

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