A year ago, I started the coloring book community – It has gotten pretty dusty around there lately…the last post as of this writing was a Halloween one.

Hmm. My picture hosting area at Bellsouth is down. That’s a kick in the head… I hope it wakes up soon.

Went to Blimpie’s for lunch… The Veggie Max sub is tasty! Of course, getting a side of chips negated most of the healthy side of that meal. The Jalapeno chips didn’t have much of a bite to ’em… like someone ran the bags near a Jalapeno patch, just to capture a hint of the scent to toss on there… I think I should’ve gone with half sammich and half broccoli-cheese soup, no chips. (I am comfortably full of sammich, though.)

A gray day…a little warmer than yesterday.

Action figure cam – I just saw Greedo holding up another patron! (With Mr. T in the background.)

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