It was a tough night sleeping. I got about 5 hours in three or four fractured periods of rest over from about 2 am to 10:30 am.

Heaven knows what’s going on next door, but the bro and his roommate have a guest over they’re talking pretty loudly, but it doesn’t seem to be argumentative. I went out to say hey, and asked about the interview. He says that his interview went well yesterday and that she’ll call back. I hope that it’s so… The only thing that strikes me as odd is that he hadn’t shaved since I saw him last night (He had about three-days growth on his chin… not the best way to interview). I asked him last night if he needed a razor, and he said it was covered.

Today’s Sunday, and December already… It would seem Papa Time has wings on his feet.

I hope that this month is much more pleasant than the last two for those I care for (that includes myself).

There’s a section of ebay devoted to selling only plastic army men. the Heading goes – All Categories > Toys & Hobbies > Toy Soldiers > Modern (1970-Now) > Plastic

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