This morning in pictures –

About 110k total, I don’t think a cut is needed. Feel free to let me know if someone wants one.

Here's what I have to fend off in the morning to get to the potty.
I was collecting accumulated deodorant cans (I seem to just toss them under the sink when empty, a slovenly habit I’m trying to kick. Newt was sitting on the commode so patiently watching, I had to take a picture. on the top of the tank there is potty-reading… currently You Only Live Twice, and a couple of sampler comic books picked up free at the ACC Expo.

Once I’d gotten the camera, I realized that it was probably a good morning to look for manatees. I knew the best place to go… I’d seen them there a few times before. The New River in Fort Lauderdale, right over the Haunted Tunnel.
overhead view... I was in prime manatee sighting area.

I got there, and it was very quiet, a good sign. The less traffic, the easier it’d be to spot them on the water.
side view of the river over the haunted tunnel.. I went looking for manatees this morning.

A tree that I’m fond of… I didn’t capture the feel from this angle, but it’s alternately spooky and friendly. There’s a definite vibe about it. They put planks up to protect it from the high winds, recently…those weren’t there last time.
Nifty tree... this picture doesn't do it justice... it looks much nicer at night.

Brisk morning…. the river patch I went to must’ve been too chilly for the manatees. I’ll return later to try again. I did find some little skinny fish swimming around. I was partial to the tag-along blue guy tooling about. No crabs out wandering, either.
Three Fish.. the blue guy was the most interesting of them
Close-up of the blue boy. He had more personality, wasn't as in synch as the other two. (Maybe he was the little brother with the loving couple? A third wheel?)

I hope you had a good morning too, Dear Journal!

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