Newton comes a-runnin’ for the fresh, delicious taste of pre-processed chicken-parts.

Coded like a man possessed today. The day went by like the dickens as a result.

My headlight went very dim on the bike home tonight… I wonder if there’s an energy-efficient way to charge my light batteries via the pedal power used while cycling? Would an alternator work effectively? I’ve got the batteries recharging in the bay as I type this.

Oh, that my brother had an Amazon wish list. It’d make shopping for him so much simpler.

I profited from Kel’s loss… I didn’t know that they’d decide to send me a replacement bag.

Dear Mr. Von Berg:

Thank you for contacting General Mills about the problem you had with Chex Peanut Lover’s snack mix. As a responsible manufacturer, we strive to produce high quality products. We are sorry your experience did not meet the standards we expect from our products.

Our packaging equipment is designed to ensure that all ingredients are combined in correct proportions. It’s possible that a mechanical failure was responsible for the condition you’ve described. We appreciate that you have taken the time to notify us and will review the information you provided with the product team. Please be assured that an adjustment will be sent to the address you have shared.

We regret any inconvenience this has caused and hope you will continue to use and enjoy our products.

Jennie Taylor
General Mills
Consumer Services

Original Message

Dear Sir or Madam:
Yesterday, my sister got a bag of your peanut lover’s chex mix, (which I could not find on your product page). To her colossal dismay, there was but a lone peanut, lost amid the assorted other crunchy flotsam and jetsam in the bag. For a product named “peanut lover’s”, it is sorely lacking in the starring ingredient. I felt strongly enough about this issue to write your company.
Scott von Berg

Microwave popcorn is a wonderful treat this time of night… I rarely pick it up, but the grocery ghosts led me to it last weekend. Kudos on a fine choice, phantom impulse!

D’oh… I missed seeing my sweetie online! ding-dong-dangit!

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