This weekend I will:

  • Tonight – Do light housecleaning, shower, have a nice supper and work on a few pieces of terrain / Scotto & Sweetie toys. I think I want to do some oasis land pieces, some swamp, and maybe a little house or city-bit.
  • Sometime – Must get Groceries, including Litter, TP, Shampoo and Dental Floss, Do Laundry. Hit the aquarium shop for cheap fake palm trees/ plants for terrain
  • Before Mayah’s Birthday Party – Get Mayah’s prezzie – Maybe something at the expo? It is toys and such.
  • Saturday morn/midday – Go with Dan to ACCexpo

  • Sat Midday / Early eve (about 5) Go to Mayah’s Birthday party.
  • Sunday morn – Maybe return with Dave to Accexpo
  • Sunday midday / Early eve – best time for “sometime” Chores, I think.
  • All weekend, and always: Think of her with love.

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