Two cute kittens at work today. Gossamer and Gollum. One black with brown highlights, and one a tuxedo with little white feet. Both wholly adorable. So adorable, in fact, that Kev’s keeping them for himself, rather than letting anyone else adopt them.

Gollum Kitty! The Adventurous One by the sea monkey tank
Gossamer Kitty - The Snuggly one, all up and into huggies
playing under the desk, in a box of manuals.

It’s just as well that Kev took ’em in.. I was getting won over by them, and would’ve adopted them myself if I could. Newt seems so gigantic now that I’m home! He’s a total sweetie-boy tonight to. I bet that he smells the babies on me.

I need to go shopping soon, and pick up a birthday present for Mayah. She’s going to be one on Saturday!! I wonder what she might like. She’s got some cool toys already, but I don’t know about clothes.

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