Why do toasters always have a setting that burns toast to a horrible crisp no one would ever eat? Does anyone deliberately chomp on “chunk of carbon”?

I wonder how soon the 2nd Harry Potter movie’s going to be on p2p stuff… or if it’s on already? Did J.K. ever get around to getting the fifth book out? (Quick Amazon check) Nope. Slacker. She’s going to miss the bus. Amazon is scary, now that I have paypal / online funds transfer again. Danger! One click shopping! Run, boy! It’ll gitcha if’n yer not careful!

Q: what kind of bees gives milk?
A: Boo-bees!

10:45 appointment for the epi on Monday, now. That means I take my pill at 9:45 that morning

Little Newtie wants you to give Scotto more cookies! Looka that little pink nose! How can you resist? Give Scotto cookies. Adore Newt!Got my check deposited… They had a big honkin’ spread of punch and snacks… Sakes… there’s a way for me to come inside more often…”hmm… maybe I should just check my account balance and have a *COOKIE*”. Some sort of party? I don’t know, but I got a smiley face sugar cookie out of the deal…a nice reward for tossing my paycheck into my account. I almost (but not quite) regret getting direct deposit now.

Took a delicious hot bath and am now relaxing a wee bit, curled up with a good book, soft lights, and thoughts of my sweetheart. We got to talk for a bit tonight, and it was surely the highlight of my day. a quick pop to the news sites, and then back to frozen text on the page. I’m sending my sweetheart thoughts of mint oreos.

In Florida wacky news –

Schoolbooks could be banned not because of controversial content, but because they weigh too much

Elephant tries out McDonald’s drive-through service. Hilarity ensues I wanna feed an elephant veggie burgers!

Authorities on lookout for ‘Champagne Bandit’, a 300 pound man stealing fine wines

15 Year old steals a police cruiser while in custody

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