famous deaths, the week in review. has great photos, which makes all the difference. See also the much more complete and useful archive-wise Dead People Server.

Newton looks like a newscaster, or a hangin’ judge here. I think he needs a little red tie, blazer, a few blue index cards… and a microphone. “Next caller, you’re on the air!”
Judge Newton finds you guilty, and you will hang from the neck until you are D-E-D dead!

Ed Rooney should never have gotten on that school bus.

Just got a call… they’ve tentatively rescheduled my epi for Tuesday, because my doctor’s office hasn’t sent the proper referrals over yet. That’s a peeve… I got my rides and such all lined up, and now I get to rework it again. I’m looking quite forward to the new insurance company as of 12/1.

Deep One sunning itself in Florida? Possibly…

This is what I want for my next toy… Lindows, the company that ships a version of GNU/Linux that runs most Windows apps, will be shipping a < $500 tablet PC (most tablet PCs to date go for $2000-$3000). The device has wireless networking built in, a nice sharp LCD, and will look mighty fine nestled on my coffee table.

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