A day full of uses of the poo wand for my sweetie and me but had a nice time, despite the tech-struggles… perhaps even because of them.

I’ve determined that my tools at work are woefully inadequate, at least for me. Corel photo paint and Corel draw 8 not only aren’t cross compatible, but they both are dung-filled doughnuts of despair as far as tools go.

Give me Photoshop, Photopaint, or the GIMP any day over the Corel nightmare. I’ve sent the files to work with home, but I think instead I’ll work on them with proper tools tomorrow… I’m going to install the gimp there…my only element remaining is to make a decent banner graphic. (It’s actually going to be the background, but it’ll be at the top of each page, all banner-like.

The scent of synthetic ambergris is on my mind and in my mental directory.

A good hump day. Tomorrow, she is Thursday, yes?

Three great words/phrases of power.

  1. Please
  2. Thank you
  3. I’m sorry.

If I hear people use any of those with sincerity, my brain clicks into uber-helper/friendly mode. I like to think that I’m normally pretty nice, anyhow… but those are the magic words. Watch me jump to action.

wow! The piggie amendment made the cruel site of the day! The ban passed, by the way.

Koko’s got a CD coming out? Didn’t they know about apple nipple hungry?

I want just Black Manta and the Sub. Aquaman… I wonder who I could give him to? I’d like to trade him for Will Magnus. Is it me, or does Lead (Who should have a Pb as his logo) look a little sissified? Everyone else seems true to form. This Manta is pretty cool, too.

It is really beautiful weather-wise outside. Maybe 72 degrees? Just downright nice.

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