Had a lovely time last night with my sweetie. I really like the fact that she’s got the interest in such a diverse array of things, and the curiosity to broaden her knowledge on them. She keeps me laughing on so many levels, and has me rapt intellectually, emotionally, and physically. I’m truly blessed to have her in my life.

Interesting point noticed by her last night… all the spam comes a’rollin in at about 2am. I wonder if those were all launched from a common area? Or maybe the spamming software they have defaults to that hour.

I was up until well past the wee hours this morning…when I did kick off to sleep, I think my brother was *still* awake and kicking around. I guess night-owls run in the stock… I remember Dad was one, too… always going fishing or whatnot well before the break of the sun. I wonder if it’s a hunter throwback sort of thing. The best times that come to mind are fishing on the pier, and looking at the water at night, and talking about whatever came to mind. It’s strange… I have a mild craving for fried catfish, now. I’d settle for big ol’ potato planks. The food of choice out there was peanut butter crackers, and a stop at Sambo’s (are they all Denny’s now?)

I’ve not seen too many jack-o-lanterns this year… the theme in this neighborhood seems to be the more ‘harvest’ style… whole pumpkins with haystacks and scarecrows. I’d say that I’ve seen maybe six jacks around, and all of them are pretty average.

That’s a lot of bunnies. a very cool picture, from this collection.

I’m supposed to go with the brother to the boat show today… maybe it’ll happen, maybe not. It sounded like he’s up and at ’em next door, but he’s got some folks over. I’ll call him at about one, and see what’s up.

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