There’s so much comedy on television. Does that cause comedy in the streets?

Rahhhr! Battle monkey! As random as any of the other blather in this entry.All my chores are done, except for laundry and groceries. I’ll take care of those tomorrow morning.

I’d like to run off with my sweetheart into the woods, and just camp and enjoy nature and each other for a while. We’ve both been working a lot lately. I’d also like to have easy roof access to my apartment… it’d be nice to relax up there. According to their government, the Australians are being overrun with feral camels. Take their camel, please! All of it!

Very nifty archive of WPA posters. The library of Congress online. Very keen. Sew for victory!

A yearly family development from 1977 to 2002. This is fantastic! I don’t know these people personally, but just seeing where time has taken them facially is remarkable. I’d like to do a similar yearly thing.

Chicken Dance Elmo. If there were some parents that I hated, I’d get this toy for their child… and get the kid rechargeable batteries. Now for cool toys…I saw this sea-monkey explor-a-sub at the mall a while back with Sappho and Riker after the Cyndi Lauper concert…I’m very impressed with it.

I had coffee and fresh from the oven cookies last night… along with playing army men at 2am with a buddy just about what I thought being a grown-up would be like as a kid. I forgot to mention Dave and Cathi’s costumes… they’re going as mushrooms (or people with *giant* pith-helmets on their heads, painted as mushrooms.) very nifty. Mayah is going to be a fairy-baby. I liked the spider-costume idea more, but the fairy goes well with the shrooms.

Random Breakfast cereal factoid: Cap’n Crunch’s first name is Horatio.

Still worn out?

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