I’m going to write you a reality check…or would you prefer the cold, hard cash of truth? -The Tick

Wow, Wachovia lets you do things *easily*

I set up a nice checking/savings system over the web, and I got a human to call me back in about an hour to verify stuff.. it’ll be open by Tuesday for me to drop my funds into. easy as pie.

Off to a good start, unlike the lamebrains at Washington mutual. Service means something to me… service with better interest rates.. yum!

Tomorrow’s Journey…I’m going to head out at approximately 11 am for Lost realms… (the gaming store that Mark works at now) I may take Dave or the Bro with… I invited Sappho, and by extension, Riker, but I don’t think that they’re going to come along.

If by bus (should Dave not be able to go – )
Route 81 to Lauderhill Mall,
From there take the 18 North to Boca (Sandalfoot & 441)

Lost Realms – 23066 sandalfoot Drive (maybe a short walk to get to it from the stop.)

Pick up Zombies game, Zombies 2, and bag o’ glow in the dark zombies. plus maybe some terrain, craft supplies and whatever impulse buy crosses my path. Oh, and a New bus pass…this one dies on the 20th.

Here’s what I could have, if only I responded to spam sent to me today – (this is just from 5pm on, I purged my email then)

  • Get Free Shipping on any Adult Video or DVD
  • A Diet Success Story
  • End your tax problems
  • Penis Enlargment!! (spelling error included)Gain 2+ Inches GUARANTEED)
  • Add Inches! Gain 1 to 3 inches on your penis (different place… does that mean I get 3-5+ inches? that’d be unwieldy.)
  • Immediate Debt Help. Eliminate Up To 70% of…
  • Work from home, earn THOUSANDS! (I got four of these…)
  • FIXED term Mortgage at 3.25%, Never Again! (Two of these)
  • Amazing Discovery Coral Calcium

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