“If that’s a confession, my ass is a banjo.”

Edgar Allen Poe story… Hop-Frog… men dressed in orangutan outfits set on fire, the perils of drinking wine, and why you shouldn’t piss off a dwarf, even if you are a king.

Mmm…. Mexican sugar skulls.

I lost a game of world war to the palmtop…Mongolia finished my last landmasses in Asia. Before I knew what I was saying, I muttered “F-ing MON-GO-REE-ANS!”. I need a great wall to keep ’em out.

I’ve seen no sign of Oktoberfest anywhere. I missed it! German-American Club (warning, tacky embedded wav), you’re slacking with the advertising. I want a hot pretzel with mustard, and a beer! I guess I’ll have to enjoy Bavarian music and chicken dancing in the privacy of my own home.

Looks like a rainy day today… I’m all for that… I just hope it doesn’t make me too sleepy!

Valhalla, I am coming! Image of Newt as a Viking Kitten, shamelessly taken from rathergood.com

Is Thomas a Rhymer? A Peeper? A Doubter? A Tank Engine?

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