f-in’ a, man. *snort*

She checks the pipe, while I tighten the lug nutsWeirdo dreams last night… I dreamt that I was a professional shopper.. one of those guys that goes to stores, buys something, and then appraises the salespeople. I was pretty nice overall, but got mad when a lady figured out who I was, and tried to bribe me with free hats.

Hmm.. I was hasty on judging the Newtcam dead… it looks ok this morn… I guess it’s just spotty. (I’m still getting a new one, soon.)

Egads! There’s a Cap’n Crunch and (even better) Jean La Foote action figure! I wonder if Jean’ll be at the toy fair this thanksgiving.

Regarding the picture… It’s my sweetheart and me working on the steam-powered battle tank… Let’s see the zombies get through this! Undead meanies… if there are any mummies, they’ll be dry enough to use for fuel!

The BBC has won a court case against the Metropolitan Police over the trademark of the TARDIS…er, police box.

What Office Space character are you?

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A slight variant on the mechanics piccie, just to compare server speeds. I think Netscape (this one) is much slower.

mechanics 2

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