if you have a aim name… (or more than one…) you’ve got 20 megs of hosty-data available to you. it’s at http://mywebpage.netscape.com/ [update, a year later – netscape no longer hosts remotely to LJ)

Example from my biglug account

(fixed after netscape opted to not remote host here)

I still think the browser is stinky and behind the times…. but this is a nice offering from aol. I prefer it to the landfill of CD’s they send me.

(fixed after netscape opted to not remote host here)

Not bad… twenty megs an alias, and you can create aliases quick as a wink.

Sometime mid-afternoon, I’m going out with my brother to pick up a little RCA to microphone converter, so that we can put those speakers on his PS2…. also going to hook him up with his playstation again. He’s got the itch to play, and I really won’t miss it. Maybe make the trip to Target so he can exchange a birthday gift for something more suited to him.

I need to adjust the CPAP straps a little.. a wee bit to tight.. leaves quickly fading pressure marks on my face, akin to pillow creases. I’m sure I’ll have it feeling right tonight.

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