Taken between 8:00 – 8:40 tonight.

riding the bus at night....it feels a little like how I imagine a submarine is lots of little lights and nifty stuff outside. I like how the light turned out by the escape door in the roof. The “next stop” light illuminated the area well enough

the friendliest corner in fort Lauderdale.
That corner stoplight is always kind to me. I wave to it in the morning, and it’s always green to let me through. I get a good feeling about it, like friendly car accident victims or something haunts it. I told it this morning that I was going to photograph it, and it felt like it was cool with the intersection. The set of lights beyond the corner is Federal Highway / US1, a far less friendly road/ light set.

ubiquitous Newton
Newt was ready and waiting for me when I got home… I really enjoy his big ol’ pupils and pink little nose.

Work today was fairly tedious, with the exception of discovering some new aspects to CSS, and reworking the laser department programs to work with the revised network and software.

looking through the checks available to me… reflections, harmony, tie dye, bugs (bugs may be a little girly, but I like the dragonflies a lot), and the cheapies, but calm pocketpack.. Right now I’m leaning a little towards harmony.

Now, for some tasty supper! Veggie burger! Yumnumnum.

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