Good news… We’re switching insurance companies at last…and the dental is staying as is. I got a refund on my aflack I discontinued the service, but they never stopped pulling it from my paycheck. All better now! Posted an update to the automatic writing thing in the original entry… I heartily recommend anyone being a member there leave before the association is made. (well, perhaps that’s too harsh. I just think that the moderator there is a bee-itch.)

Picture of my bike on the front of the route 60
The Route 60… travels north up Andrews to where I work. Picture taken at the central Terminal. I had to buy my monthly pass today, and I got my quota of smiles there. That reminds me, time to synch the palm.
On my way to work this morning... the guy on the left brushed his hair in the window reflection for about fifteen minutes.  Pretty Sky in the windshield... I'm rather surprised I'm not reflected in it.

Ok, the new palm client isn’t so hot… revised update here.

three smiles before I even made it into work.

one – a older spanish couple talking and joking about someone’s brother… (that’s all I could make out.. my Spanish is spotty at best) broad, smiles and laughter.

two – A 20-something guy that just made it to the bus as it was getting ready to pull away.

three – a little boy looked at me and I waved… he smiled and waved back, with great enthusiasm. I really dig that. Future looks friendly!

actually, #1 could count as two, but it’s an informal tally. Made my day. I think I’m going to go on a smile photo-safari soon.

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