Update on that spiced Tofu … it was good, but not *crazy good*… maybe a 6/10. I’d make it again, but I wouldn’t go out of my way. I think I can whip something a little zippier with many of the supplies at hand.

William Christopher is 70? Who knew he was voices in the Smurfs, as well as Father Mulcahy?

Cute movie ads… Fellowship of the ring is the best of the lot.

Little known Movie factoid – In the short story that 2001: A space odyssey was based on, the Monoliths were crystal pyramids.

Little known Scotto factoid – I like a lot of science fiction, but feel that 2001 is basically plotless and highly overrated. It’s easy to assign a great depth of meaning to places there are none. I like to find shapes in clouds, too…that doesn’t mean that there really is a horsie sliding down the back of George Washington’s head.

Okie… going for a little bike travel, see what I can see on the outside… be back later, dear journal.

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