Oh, no way… a kung-fu channel? If they have a special time of day for cheesy wu-tang 70’s flicks, I’m there. I don’t need live kickboxing or Steven Segal, though.

Looks like much of LJ is in a down cycle lately…a few people deleting, and many posting less often. I’d like to see some sort of chart regarding my friends page.

Your magical style is Psychic.

What type of Magic do you work?. Take the Magical Style Quiz by Paradox

Congratulations, you’re a Brownie, a household helper.
What kind of male faerie are you?
Take the male faerie quizby Paradox.
Best known in Scotland, similar faeries are known in Russia, Africa, and China. They are very small dwarf faeries with coal black eyes that always appear as male. They seek out deserving humans to aid, and is said to reward kindness shown him by helping out around the house and farm. Brownies detest, misers, cheats, liars, and pretentiousness. Their familiar is the rooster. Most brownies are keenly intelligent.

You are an angel.

What legend are you?. Take the Legendary Being Quiz by Paradox
Present in many belief systems, most notably Christian and Judaic, angels are a race of beings who serve Deity. They have many callings and subcategories. In popular culture they are most renowned for their role as guardians and protectors of humanity.

Which Six Feet Under Character Are You?

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You are Nate, prodigal son of the Fisher family. You struck out on your own, moving to Seattle to get away from the family business. Then, on your flight back home for Christmas, you screw a woman who will later become your fiancee and then find out your dad got killed in a bus crash. You’re wild, innovative and quirky. Oh, and you have a brain disorder that might kill you.

Hitting the sack in a little bit… more nine to five tomorrow, so no cycling before work until Wednesday. Nighty night, dear journal!

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