The bookstore had a couple of really nice deals… I dashed away from there with a bag of ten, purchased for about $20. I picked up a nice collection of Edgar Allen Poe… an old one, so it’s extra neat and pre-creepified, for midnight readings of The Raven and Murders in the Rue Morgue … good to read aloud.

It was a nice enough day, though I bussed the distance rather than cycling (Mainly because I didn’t know what sort of massive book load I might be bringing home.)

Riding on the bus means… more doodles. Mousing over ’em may give you some insight as to where each drawing came from.

Someone has a peanut butter snickers fetish. On the way out today, I found my third wrapper of said candy on the ground. I wonder if it's my brother or one of my other neighbors?

Punkin! More Holiday spirit starting to show through... Same Punkin after 2 seconds of coloring. I may come back to him and add shading, or a Jack-o-lantern face, later... just for the heck of it.

When I think of October, horror and the old west... Boot Hill comes to mind. It was an old west paper and pencil RPG / wargame that I really enjoyed a lot as a kid... six-guns shooting… all sorts of old west archetypes there. I still prefer the term boot hill to graveyard. (However, I use terms like bone yard or necropolis more frequently these days)The Lady in front of me had a *huge* stack of freaky books about grays. Something like 30. I think she was going to start a freaky UFO library at her house...either that, or maybe she was buying them all up to burn 'em as a gesture of defiance.... I don't know. She was twitchy, and I didn't want to ask.

Also, the coolest T-shirt I’ve seen lately-

If you're really a goth, where were you when we sacked rome?

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