I never noticed before, but each major chattie has it’s own color. Yellow aim, green icq, blue msn, red yahoo. The new version of trillian has little colored circles rather than logos for each active. Pretty neat to me, for some reason. My connection to all of them comes on like a little drag-racer pole position light up… “Prepare to qualify”.

Jerry Falwell — yes, he’s flapping his yap again — has concluded from “reading Muslim and non-Muslim writers” that Muhammad was a terrorist. Which is kind of interesting, because from reading interviews with Jerry Falwell a lot of people have concluded that Jesus was a redneck, right-wing bigot. Holy men: Great ideas, bad PR representation. Why do the dumbasses seem to often get the loudest voices?

Slow day for the homepage…
4 Google newtcam 66.67%
1 AltaVista vanautu 16.67%
1 AltaVista elephant 16.67%

Interesting look at author Harper Lee (“To Kill A Mockingbird”)

My brother just came by looking for good condiments. Yikes… I didn’t know I was running so low! No Soy sauce, no mustard? I’m out of garlic powder and cocoanut milk, too… dang. I’m going to have to go back to the store sometime this week. (Maybe tomorrow morning, along with a bookstore run.) Also shared with me good news…He’s being offered $7,500 to settle out of court. He’s now debating holding out for more, taking it to court, or taking the money now and being happy with it. I hope he takes the money offered to him… but I don’t blame him for squeezing as much as he can out of the police department for letting that officer punk around the way he did. What I’d like to see is that officer officially reprimanded, suspended for a week, and his story given to a local free newspaper for distribution… as well as paying my bro’s doctor bills and lost wages during the time he was out.

It’s pretty funny that last week’s stories about the looming extinction of blondes from the human race — ostensibly due to recessive traits and societal preferences — turns out to be a big hoax. Doesn’t anyone at news agencies hire fact-checkers anymore?

Jacques Chirac used witchcraft to win the French presidential election: “The book – La Sorcellerie au coeur de la République – suggests that President Chirac used Senegalese sorcerers to charm the France team to their World Cup victory in 1998. Mr Chirac chose not to pay out again this year, because he had already used French and African witches to win re-election.”

Time for some faux-chicken patties on toasted honey-wheat bread, with a side of green beans and carrots. To drink? Arizona diet green tea with ginseng. Yumma.

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