I just did some maintenance… deleted about 40 members who had removed their journals, and unlinked two communities. A lot of lj folk really don’t get basic etiquette…communities shouldn’t recruit members without asking them. I’ve been “joined” to a few communities over time, and the hut’s been hit by about maybe a dozen… most not even remotely related to the topic at hand. People linking to you is one thing, but communities making it look like you’ve joined them is another thing entirely.

In naughty-ish news…

Fresh from the Cruel Site of the Day, this link to the PBS website.

Scary/Wacky marine flatworm sex footage.


Penis fencing between two marine flatworms (Pseudobiceros hancockanus).

We will now take a brief break to giggle at the name…*snort*

Ok kids… settle down. This is science.

“During penis fencing, each flatworm tries to pierce the skin of the other using one of its penises. The first to succeed becomes the de facto male, delivering its sperm into the other, the de facto female. For the flatworms, this contest is serious business. Mating is a fight because the worm that assumes the female role then must expend considerable energy caring for the developing eggs.”

The marine flatworms look like Cthulhu beasties, and the mating battle would make an eerie addition to the life cycle of some vile servitor race.

“From the midsections of each flatworm double daggers protrude. Each dagger is actually a penis.”

“A bout of this violent sex can last for over an hour, and can leave gaping holes in the body of the loser.”

In only the most remotely related news, congrats to missv on her upcoming nuptials!

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