Quick Isidore Update

Isidore has strengthened to become a Category 3 storm, with maximum winds of 115 mph. Therefore, it’s now classified as a “major” hurricane. Intensification should continue…. the most recent NHC guidance actually brings max winds to 145 mph in 72 hours.

Right now, the storm is pretty much halfway between the western tip of Cuba and the eastern tip of the Yucatan, drifting westward. That motion should continue over the next 48 hours, meaning it’ll be a close call for the northern Yucatan Peninsula. After that, it looks as if the storm should begin to take a more northwesterly track. Most of the models have the storm moving northward in the long-term in response to a short wave trough now approaching the Pacific Northwest…we’ll have to see how that plays out, as it’ll probably determine whether or not Isidore ever threatens the Gulf Coast.

No rain here… blue skies, few clouds. Florida’s out of the woods, and I’m wondering how good the surfing on the gulf coast is going to be… my brother and Dave are heading out there tomorrow AM to take advantage of the swells.

Speaking of glue… this project looks really nifty.. marble-magnets.

Good gosh…is anything nicer than laying back and snuggling with a loved one? Newt’s a little cuddle-bug. Later dear journal… Huggo-time.

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