Kitty food- check!
litter – check!
shampoo – check!
soap – check!
clean laundry – check!
Supplemental groceries – check!
Clean bathroom and kitchen – check!
take out the trash, sweep stoop – check!

Mail off goodies – Monday!
Washington Mutual – Eventually!
Web page – Eventually!

Survive in this fan-only environment – so far, so good. positive mental outlook is key. Along with minimal clothes and lots of ice water for me and Newtie. (it’s not like we’re in the desert or anything, just 15 degrees warmer than preferred. 86F outside, feels like 95.

Shower – Coming up now. Better way to stay cool!

Random Scotto Factoid – I will answer the door in my boxers (as long as I’ve got suitable coverage on my man-thing) but will find more coverage if I’ve got jockeys on.

later, dear journal!

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