Very productive day today…but I’d rather reflect on cute Newt.

Newt Two and some odd years ago…Oct 20ish 1999,

more here
and here
and here
and here!

Newt about 2 years ago… (May 2000)

Newt,may 2000!

Ack! after tearing the place apart before cleaning it up... absolute carnage! source of my first Newt Icon. My house got a lot cleaner, trust me.

Newt a year ago –
my little boy's growing regal

this side's done, time to flip
yeah, buddy, I see you too
Cheshire cat

Newt Now.
Newtcam cap 9/15/02! my little boy's nearly 3!

Many assorted newt piccies stored here. …one day I’ll offload the cyndi lauper images off of my camera.

Nigh nigh, dear journal.

But a little apple juice and a graham cracker before bed. yum.

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