Avast, ye shivering swabs! It be time to speak like a buccaneer!

Red Dog, the pir8 guy returns on this day of days!Remember folks… it’s talk like a pirate day! (thanks to for reminding me!

taken this morn... time stamp will change, as will the image on the link page. Newtcam is on, if you’d like to spy on him. An example –
Arr…I must’ve dreamt of time travel last night, because I think I took off three days’ worth of beard, shaving this morn…I tell ya true.

I took me body and me booty outside… Mike’s van (a scurvy tub, if ever I saw one!) was parked right outside of me captain’s quarters, and he had the radio turned all the way up… I’m glad I wasn’t sleepin’… I asked him politely to turn off the radio if he’s going to park there…(I’d have been much less polite if I was driven from slumber.) I’d have skewered him with me cutlass.

Just went through and weeded out about five folks on my reading list who’ve deleted… I was wondering why I’d not seen anything by them lately!

The Sweetie figure is pretty much done, I think. I hope the tattoo fades a trifle to a more “henna-ring” color. I’ll post it here, after she’s seen it first. A humble tribute to the flame-haired lass I love so well.

Next up? Sweetie, revision II, or maybe Danny. (Probably Danny, because it’ll be simpler, and I’d like to give him a present sometime soon.)

May your day be filled with Buxom Wenches, Grog, Rum, and Orange Cats pretending to be Parrots!

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