When captured, it was a b/w image of Scotto and his sweetheart fending off zombies. Braiiins...

A promo still (pre-production) of me and my sweetheart in the web cam remake of “Night of the Living Dead…”

Some cropping, removed color and a little film grain tossed in for effect. Here’s the original. (update – whoops… looks like I killed the color version)
The Original – https://i0.wp.com/scottobear.com/newtcam/newtcam.jpg?w=474

It *is* loving and romantic to put your loved one in a toy-figure based movie about brain-eating zombies, isn’t it? We can snuggle together in the abandoned farmhouse, nailing planks over the doors, fending off the reanimated dead with flame from the fireplace, scraps of curtain-cloth, and our bottle of wine.

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