I was so tired at work today… it was feeling like someone took a straw, stuck it into my vitality tank, and was siphoning it. I’m all groovy here, though. I think I may’ve gotten up too early this morn (6am). I didn’t have any food until 3pm, either. rethink that strategy tomorrow.

Brought home some cardboard boxes for Newtie to play with… he’s contentedly chomping on his crinkle-bug inside one now. The sounds of a happy cat in a make-shift habitrail. It’s a multi-story tube, with a hole in each one that he can fit through… though when he exits via the top, it gets kicked sideways.

It’s nice, being able to please him that easily… it makes me feel good, knowing that he’s so content and chipper.

Found a three-column template today that’s css, works on Netscape 4.x, and doesn’t use frames. Score! In English, that means I don’t have to deal with multiple pages of the same crappy design for each browser I’m supporting. Good news.

Time now for tofu in peanut sauce with mixed veggies.. over white rice. Home made. That’s right. yum!

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