two years ago, I was just ending my last RPG gaming groups, an alphabet of television, nice supper at hops, great freaky/creepy movies and net fibs.

one year ago – welcome to Autumn, poll about what you carry with, a haiku war, I’m an otter on the medicine wheel, troll’s so snoopy that she inspires a sign on the door, and a post of the Chupacabra song, missing my dad, wondering about Halloween costumes.

This year, I’m taking Thursday, 10/31 off, through Sunday, 11/3. four day weekend.

The Fort Lauderdale international Film Festival … I’ll indulge in some of that, surely.

Oct 30 – Nov 10 Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival at Regal Las Olas… Just on the other side of that singing fountain. They also have some lovely photos of Las Olas. That’s the beach area I visit.

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