Ah, superglue. So handy. So useful.

I got a tube, and have been fixing all the little doodads that’ve needed it for the last week.

Toy soldier with removed arm and sword? All better! Freaky guy riding his robot scorpion? Legs are all good now.

Desk drawer with loose knob? Fixed!

Broken book spine? No more!

Very satisfying…and I didn’t glue my fingers together.

Today’s a relaxing day… just doing the little niggling nit-noids that need to get done, but nothing too pesky. I got all my outside stuff done early… paycheck, groceries (got my brownie mix! and a lot of fresh fruit to counter any potential guilt…) They’re building a super-duper uber-Publix right on the other side of the tunnel (I didn’t know it was the only tunnel in all of Florida!) … figures.. Once they change the home delivery plan to something very useable…I wonder what the difference is between tuna for cats and regular tuna is? Do kitties prefer it to be a little stinkier or something, or are there just fewer federal guidelines for feeding non-humans?

I would take advantage of grocery delivery, but I like to get out and shop for goodies, do a little people watching, and maybe the odd impulse buy.

Random Scotto factoid – My Favorite Michael J Fox movie is The Frighteners. I really like how it goes from goofy Ghostbusters to a deep sympathy and pity for the main guy, to “holy crap!”, and back again.

Note- I never liked TV’s “Family ties”… but the sporadic episode or two of “Spin City” that I’ve seen with him in it was pretty good.

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