I forgot that I synched my palm… what’s in there today? Mouse over pics for minor commentary.

Alienstein. What if Dr. Frankenstein put his creation together with parts from an alien autopsy? I'm Waiting.... Death comes to us all... I only hope he's grinning and makes me smile before I go. Made during the "fire the thief" meeting.Pot-bellied bat. I don't know what inspired that one, except that I thought it'd be funny if there was a fat vampire.I forgot about this one! Two newspaper sales guys...one of whom was playing the harmonica on the street corner on the way to work. The non-player claimed that the other guy performed with Clapton on one of his albums. I see no reason to disbelieve. I wasn't hit up for money. Nothing really Halloween-ish there.

Oh yeah… I told you I had Halloween on my mind, dear journal.

More scattered T-storms all week! Off to work… until much later!

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