Dork alert… Atari Adventure mod for quake. Holy moley, how cool is that?

If you’ve got the bandwidth and QuickTime, watch lots of robots… really lovely. Open it in another window and keep surfing while it loads, if you have to.

Sweet! edbook has put up a portfolio of his work… nice!

Friday the Thirteenth really is no big whoop to me. No worries. Nothing creepy or unexpected has happened yet…the normal aches, pains, smiles and joys that’ve been with me all week are still here.

Of the people at work I thought knew about world affairs, none knew who I was talking about when I referenced Idi Amin(Maybe one of the worst dictators since Hitler), Pol Pot and Papa / Baby Doc… I admit that it sometimes takes me a while to catch up with current events… but these guys are big time evil, and a major element in world history. When folks can kill in the hundreds of thousands or more and not be known…how does that work? Maybe it’s because I watched the news at home during the 70s and 80s, and it was current events? Looks like a job for a poll…

The Finn, Island Boy, Sappho and Kev…None had ever heard of any of ’em, save for Kev recognizing Idi Amin from an old SNL game show skit…but not knowing who he was.

On another note… I want to see the giant land squid and flying killer fish!

Random Scotto factoid – My aliases on trade wars back in the old BBS turn-based online wargames were – Rev Scotto, Tristan Thunyduway, Balder the Brave, and Boog the Ogre.

Sketches from the palm from the last day or two…I left the screen color on, instead of my usual forcing of black and white. Hover over for what was/is on my mind regarding them.

cow... Her name is Bingo, and she's much prettier in real life.Lunch on Wednesday! yum... Mimmo's makes good pizza.The Pod house! This is where pods live.... Newt planted the daisy. :)A loud-as-heck fire engine passed the bus on the way to work yesterday.... after having my ears split, it won WOD.

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