Good luck this morning… I found $25 dollars in a pack of smokes on the bus. I tossed the Winstons out, and kept the money as a just reward for anti-littering.

Home early, and taking it easy. New duties at work tomorrow…plus meetings about the website. I find out exactly what the duties entail tomorrow too…but I don’t imagine they’re too much fun… sales and the mail shop were bleating about having to do it… and Kev offered our dept… I hope it’s nothing tedious. Kev did mention that it’d only be for a little while…. that sort of softening suggests that it’ll be PITA work. Hopefully, it’s something I can automate programmatically.

Tonight’s book… Starting fresh with Emergence: The Connected Lives of Ants, Brains, Cities, and Software by Steven Johnson, paperback edition. Tony gave it to me just yesterday. Got to dig found lit, given freely. I was interested in it last winter, but my reading queue was already quite full… glad to have it reappear.

Newt’s adorable tonight…curled up in the middle of my Indian-style sitting position. Time to read some non-backlit text, enjoy purrs, the scent of nag champa, and some science. Throw in some snuggly sweetie read-dreaming too, while I’m at it.

See you later, Dear Journal.

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