I forgot until I was out the door this morning that it was vote-day! So much for getting to work terribly early. I managed to avoid all the tech-trouble that many of the stations were having today.

I won my ebay auction… so I should be getting more little figures than I’ll ever need, for cheapy-cheap. 🙂 Toys! Yay! Fun!

Where’s my PM thunderstorms?

Computer-controlled music played on explosion organs. – Remember that church organ that I thought looked like it was designed to fire projectiles at the listeners?

The Large Hot Pipe Organ is the world’s only MIDI controlled, propane powered explosion organ. The LHPO’s pyro-acoustic explodo-rhythmations will throbbatize your earholes and dance-ify your booty and make you realize what “Industrial Music” REALLY means!

Cool Doodles by Stanislaw Lem – I especially liked the Skeleton of a Procyte

I’m going to turn in a little early… I think a good long night of rest is in order. The vertigo passed about noonish today, but I had no real appetite… I’m going to put a little fuel in the body, just for doing so, and then it’s reading and playing with the Newtzilla before beddy-bye.

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