Sculpey and Fimo are rockin’. Fimo’s especially cool, because it comes in colors, including transparent, stone, day glow, and night glow.

You can do anything with this stuff…I need to pick up some more… I only got a little bit from Jake. I’ll have to add it to my Pearl-run. Transparent has some real possibilities, as does the super flex.

Helpful hint… if you want to bake it on a plastic figure…use a glass mug to boil it in water in the microwave for about two minutes or so…. that way the plastic doesn’t melt like in the oven…it does get soft, though. Also, acrylic paint is great! Warm water is all you need to clean up.

Playing with clay and paints…very refreshing. I bet if I had some Popsicle sticks, some of this would be simpler.

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