A jellybath…. could be good… could be creepy… could be sexy… could be icky. You can’t eat it.

Weird stuff…but well thought-out. I’d like to know what the composition of it is, and how the dissolution packet breaks it back down…. seems ideal for pranking.

Cool diagrams of skyscrapers… I’m partial to the north bund tower, or all of shanghai… but it’s neat to do a local search, too… strange, the things online. here’s my city’s… not too many… but Miami has some pretty ones.

update – monuments… neat.

From a new Semantics column on Ambient Findability

“Having achieved this network nirvana, the question is inevitable: what’s next? For an information architect with library roots, the answer is obvious: ambient findability.

I want to be able to find anything, anywhere, anytime.”

Me too! I want to by lying in my hammock, gazing at the stars and be able to yell out, “When were dogs first domesticated?” and have an answer.

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