Played a couple of games of heroclix with Dave… 300 pointers, one game over beer, the second over coffee. Dave won the beer game, and I took coffee.

I think Professor X is a jinx piece… I’ve never seen him play on a winning team where Dave is involved. The leadership power is tempting, and mind control fun, though. I like telling other people’s pieces to cause mayhem.

The second game was very close, too…I think that if I’d not taken it that turn, he could very possibly have won the following…. the first game, however was all his.

I didn’t go to the art fair today…but I heard that it was only mediocre from my brother.

Zen-kitty was looking good… Marley has lost weight, and has some red spotting on his nose…they’re taking him to the vet on Tuesday. Luna is putting on weight. The humans all look healthy.

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