Steve Mcqueen, where are you now that we need you?

Guess who can’t sleep. Brain tired, body wide awake.

strange black blobs

“CAMDEN, New Jersey (AP) — There’s something strange underfoot in Camden. Black blobs polka-dotting the streets and sidewalks of the Waterfront South area have some residents fearful for their health and worried the blobs might signal the end of their neighborhood.”

Well, now we know how many blobs it takes to fill the Albert Hall.

Notice the incredible power of denial when faced with the inexplicable:

“Some neighbors tell Sanders she’s paranoid, that there’s a simple explanation for the stuff. Perhaps, they say, it was just chewing gum. “

Uh huh. Chewing gum that starts out oily and 6 inches across before drying into smaller waxy spots about the size of a half-dollar. That doesn’t sound like Juicy Fruit.

And where is the other standard feature of the Fortean occurrence?

“Bob Lentine, assistant commissioner of the county health department, said he thinks the stuff might be industrial pollutants or fuel discharge from the jets that fly directly overhead from nearby Philadelphia. In any case, it’s probably nothing to worry about, he said.”

Yessiree, we don’t know what the heck it is, but it’s probably harmless.

Nothing to see here, everyone go home.

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